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Find a plethora of information and learn how True Resolve’s tax experts can help NYC’s taxpayers find solutions for their tax issues.

Years of experience working as IRS enrolled agents and acumen within the field of tax issues enables the True Resolve team to be in possession of a wealth of knowledge. Our tax advice will help educate and inform NYC taxpayers of the basics of taxation, how the IRS functions, various tax issues people face, and how we can help resolve them.

Collecting and arranging our wealth of knowledge into informative tax advice blogs allows us to facilitate our goal of increasing awareness among taxpayers. Considering that taxation is an important part of our financial wellbeing, these blogs are curated to improve understanding of otherwise complicated issues.

Our NYC, New York-based team of experts are well-versed with the ins and outs of the IRS and related tax issues. As enrolled agents, we can offer effective solutions and assist you through tax issues, restoring your peace of mind.

Some areas we cover in our tax advice blogs:

  • Internal Revenue Service’s requirements for taxpayers
  • Why prompt and proactive measures work for your financial wellbeing
  • How taxes affect your personal and business finances
  • Ways how you can make better decisions to maintain a healthy financial state
  • Success stories representing True Resolve clients

Our experience is available at your fingertips and we hope you can learn more about the IRS, True Resolve, and tax issues that may impact you with our professional tax advice. Need further assistance? Give us a call today and we can provide the tax help you need.

Tax Preparation VS. Tax Representation

Tax Preparation VS. Tax Representation

Tax Preparation VS. Tax Representation The Basics As many know, Tax Preparation and Tax Representation are completely different, but how do you know which one you need? What’s the difference? What kind of accountant or accounting service do I need? Taxes and accounting can be overwhelming, but that’s why you find an expert that can…
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IRS Provides “American Rescue Plan” Guidance

IRS Provides “American Rescue Plan” Guidance The IRS is offering guidance to navigating the American Rescue Plan. Do not file amended returns. The IRS has informed NATP that it’s reviewing implementation plans for the newly enacted American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Additional information about a new round of economic impact payments, the expanded child…
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Are You Eligible For Currently Not Collectible Status?

Currently Not Collectible as a Tax Resolution Option

Currently Not Collectible (CNC) is a temporary status the IRS places on accounts of taxpayers who have deferred tax bills and cannot remit payments just yet. The CNC status intends to give people going through financial turmoil a break from paying their taxes while protecting them against aggressive tax collection methods, such as an IRS…
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Tax Filing with a Tax Professional

The IRS’ 2019 statistics show that taxpayers are taking longer and longer to begin their tax filing process. The organization’s refunds have dropped by 10% since 2018 even though its site visits have risen by a startling 7%. Those numbers tell us one resounding fact: America is struggling with filing taxes. The tax season is…
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Benefits of Working with Tax Resolution Specialists

Tax resolution specialists are lifesavers when you are drowning in tax debt. One mistake in your federal or state tax returns can evolve into a serious tax problem. These situations are made worse by the fact that dealing with the IRS can be very intimidating. It doesn’t come as a surprise that 11 million taxpayers were behind…
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Back Taxes Owed? Tax Relief Options

Tax Relief Options for Back Taxes Owed According to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), the back taxes owed in 2019 was about $125 million. Nobody sets out to fall behind on their taxes, yet so many patriotic Americans find themselves deep in debt. Simple mistakes like an error in calculations and late filing can land you…
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The Benefits of Professional Help When Filing Back Taxes

The Benefits of Professional Help When Filing Back Taxes Many Americans struggle with tax returns especially filing back taxes. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 2019 data, Americans owed around $128 billion in back taxes. The truth is that wading through records, calculations, and filing forms is not for everyone. However, falling behind on your…
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How To Handle An IRS Tax Lien

How to Handle an IRS Tax Lien

An IRS tax lien is one of the last resort claims by the government when you fail to pay your taxes. Tax liens are every taxpayer’s nightmare since you could lose a lot. The government can seize all your assets, including property and finances. The IRS collected an estimated $120 billion in unpaid returns during the 2019…
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When Are Tax Resolution Services Important?

When Are Tax Resolution Services Important? Dealing with the IRS can be complicated and challenging. Maybe you owe money to the IRS from your last tax return, or it might be a more complicated situation where you have years of unfiled tax returns. Tax laws change each year and understanding them is critical for compliance.…
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IRS First Time Penalty Abatement: How It Works

IRS First Time Penalty Abatement: How It Works Penalties can create a huge increase in the tax debt owed by an individual or business. It can quickly turn a tax debt situation from bad to worse. Seeking professional help to better understand how an IRS first time penalty abatement works will prove beneficial. The IRS…
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7 Steps of Paying Back Taxes

7 Steps of Paying Back Taxes According to the 2018 Taxpayer Attitude Survey (TAS), 95% of American taxpayers believe it is their civic duty to pay tax. Yet, many such hardworking and patriotic taxpayers often find themselves at odds with the IRS and wind up paying back taxes. A bad break or a layoff are just some…
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