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True Resolve’s blog page has been created to help you, the Colorado taxpayer, understand what is involved when it comes not only to resolving your taxes but dealing with the IRS in general.

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There are several companies to choose from when hiring someone to help with your back taxes or other accounting and bookkeeping needs. We hope you choose to work with the experts at True Resolve Tax Professionals.

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Personal Casualty Losses Axed by the New Tax Law

Article Highlights: Casualty Losses Deduction Suspension Disaster Related Casualty Losses Insurance Coverage Note: The is one of a series of articles explaining how the various tax changes in the GOP’s Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (referred to as “the Act” in this article), which passed in late December 2017, could affect you and your family,…
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An Offer in Compromise is No Easy Way Out

At True Resolve Tax Professionals in Denver, Colorado we often have to explain to our clients that an offer in compromise is no easy way out. While there are numerous “settle your IRS debt for pennies on the dollar” ads from less than reputable companies, the reality is that the process is incredibly intricate and…
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IRS Approved Private Debt Collection

The Internal Revenue Service has approved plans to begin using third party private debt collections companies starting sometime in Spring of 2017. They have selected four collection contractors that will be used to implement the collection of overdue federal tax debts. This program, which was authorized under a federal law enacted in December 2016, will…
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