Tax Debt Help: Everything You Need to Resolve Your Tax ProblemsWe receive a lot of questions regarding assistance with tax resolution. People who have tax debt often get confused about how to present their case to the IRS. The procedures involved can be complex and time-consuming hence the need for qualified professionals with a history of tax resolution.

Some of the ways we advise our clients to settle their tax debt with the IRS include; IRS installment agreement, IRS offer in compromise, innocent spouse and penalty abatement.

For these methods to work to our client’s advantage, we always keep ourselves updated on the latest tax regulations as well as trends concerning tax debt help procedures.

Our Tax Debt Help Services

Dealing with the IRS alone can be an intimidating affair for most taxpayers. We act as an intermediary with the sole purpose of negotiating the best deal for our clients. The services we offer have the following benefits:

  • Reduction or Possible Removal of Penalties

The longer a tax debt goes unpaid, the more penalties it attracts. We advise our clients against letting this situation get out of control. By showing a willingness to respond to the IRS’ demands, they stand a chance of having their penalties reduced or in some instances waived altogether.

  • Negotiating for Payment in the Form of Installments

We understand how damaging a tax debt can be to taxpayers. Being compelled to pay the entire debt as a lump sum can incapacitate one financially. We strive to negotiate a flexible installment payment solution on behalf of our clients.

Some of the installment agreement options available to them include the Streamlined Installment Agreement (SLIA) and partial payment agreement. Depending on the amount of debt the clients are in, they can also negotiate for either a tiered or full pay installment agreement.

  • Removal of Tax Lien

Having a tax lien placed on a taxpayer’s property can severely disrupt their financial undertakings. This gives the federal government first claim to their assets. In case they want to engage in any transaction involving the property under lien, the other party might get scared.

We assist clients by advising them on the best way of removing the lien including filling out the proper forms, negotiating a payment agreement with the IRS as well as disputing the claim if applicable.

  • Interpreting Tax Law

We know how confusing legal jargon can be to the layman taxpayer. The complicated language used in describing tax laws and in IRS correspondence can be overwhelming. Although this complex language is used in a way that leaves no room for ambiguity, it seems unfair to those who are not well versed in legal matters.

As part of our tax debt help services, we explain tax laws and the IRS settlement process concisely so that all our clients can understand.

  • Preventing Future Tax-Related Issues

Other than helping our clients with tax resolution services, we also play a role in ensuring they don’t find themselves in the same position at a future date. There are many ways one can catch the attention of the IRS. Sometimes taxpayers accrue tax debt by performing financial transactions without being fully aware of the amount of tax they’ll incur. Our advice prevents them from falling into these unknowns.

Given how daunting it can be to deal with the IRS alone, we advise anyone with tax debts to seek our tax resolution services. Other than having a thorough grasp of tax laws, we are qualified to negotiate directly with the IRS and State taxing authorities on behalf of our clients.

IRS Tax Debt Help Guidelines

Contrary to what some taxpayers think, the IRS responds to requests. Although bureaucracy sometimes complicates the process, the agency tries its best to assist with tax resolution.

One way it does this is by issuing guidelines that taxpayers can follow to ensure they’re served in the fastest way possible. Some of these guidelines are listed below:

Forms to Fill

Depending on the tax issue being addressed, there will be various forms taxpayers are required to fill. In the case of an offer in compromise (OIC), some of these forms include IRS forms 656, 656-L, 433-A, and 433-B.

The applicant will also need to provide necessary financial documentation such as the bank, income, mortgage, investment, and healthcare statements. These will be used in evaluating the application and will play a role in the IRS’ decision to either accept or decline it.

Tax Tools

The IRS offers essential tax tools such as the offer in compromise pre-qualifier to anyone applying for OIC. By taking a short survey, the taxpayer can know her chances of success should she proceed with the application. This tool is not always accurate, and we recommend you use our tool which you can find here. Other tools available free of charge is tax calculators, transcripts and direct pay services.

Help and Resource Center

The IRS offers guidelines concerning its services and how to use them. There are different tax brackets as well as varying degrees of tax compliance thus the tax agency attempts to educate taxpayers on the various tools and services available.

Choose a Legit Tax Resolution Expert

Sometimes taxpayers are harassed by unscrupulous telemarketers offering tax resolution services. Some of these organizations use unethical methods to gain clients without providing the exact services promised.

To prevent taxpayers from being duped, the IRS offers tips on how to choose a tax professional. They also get to know precisely the credentials and qualifications of the tax resolution experts. If in doubt about their eligibility, the taxpayer can send an email request to seeking clarification.

As IRS Enrolled Agents, we’ve been granted the ability by the government to perform tax debt help processes on behalf of our clients. We have a positive track record in tax resolution services. Having passed all federally mandated suitability checks, we are best suited to assist people in seeking IRS settlement services.

Bottom Line

Dealing with the IRS doesn’t always have to be a stressful experience. Depending on how responsive and cooperative a taxpayer is, the process can go surprisingly well. Having access to a qualified tax resolution expert also goes a long way in fulfilling tax debt help requirements.

As Denver’s premier tax resolution firm, True Resolve Tax offers the very best in IRS settlement. Our practice is built on professionalism, honesty and the highest ethical standards. We’re always ready to provide a listening ear to our clients, so don’t hesitate to visit us.