Penalty Abatement results in savings of $4,387.00

Our client contacted us in February of 2016, owing $19,238.00 in Federal Income Tax. This gentleman had been hit by a drunk driver  back in 2010 and as a result of the financial loss and medical costs around that, ended up owing that year on his taxes. Prior to hiring True Resolve Tax, this gentleman had hired another company that did not complete any type of resolution on his case to help with his tax debt. We went right to work and started the process of setting up a payment plan that was affordable for our client and acceptable by the IRS.

After establishing the payment plan for our client we began working on an abatement of his tax penalties. Within four months of hiring True Resolve Tax our Enrolled Agents were successful in saving him $4,387.00 in penalties and associated interest. Furthermore, we were able to have the Federal Tax Lien withdrawn, not just released, which improved our client’s credit score.

Our client told us that this was a huge weight off of his shoulders and he was so relieved to know he could finally see an end to his tax troubles.

If you are interested in reducing the penalty amount that the IRS has assessed against you, contact us today for a free consultation.