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Do you own a business or have rental property? Are you self-employed or have investment income? If so, you may be paying too high a tax rate. Find out if you qualify for a lower rate. Contact us today to schedule your FREE Tax Discovery Session.

Warren Buffet only pays around 15% in income taxes! How is this possible? Large corporations and the super rich like Warren Buffet use tax rules to their advantage. Do you want to use the financial secrets of the super rich like Warren Buffet and lower your tax rate? Start now by creating a strategic tax plan.

The FREE Tax Discovery Session includes:

  • A review of your most recent tax return
  • Analysis of your business’s profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Consultation to review your financial history and goals

Schedule Your Tax Discovery Session

Tax savings are not only for the super-rich and large corporations! You too can benefit and save.

Tax planning starts with a detailed review of your tax return for possible savings opportunities. The tax code changes frequently and it is impossible for individuals and business owners to keep track of all the information that may benefit their wallets. Unlike huge corporations, most small businesses can’t afford to employ a team of accountants and lawyers to search for tax advantages.

At True Resolve Tax Professionals, our Certified Tax Coaches specialize in tax planning and solving tax problems. Unlike many CPAs and attorneys, the True Resolve team focuses only on taxes. We stay up-to-date on the tax environment to ensure that your taxes are managed correctly and to your advantage.

Let us work for you to position your business or investments to be tax efficient. We work with you to develop a targeted tax solution to identify any areas that will support a lower tax rate. We will review your business entity and identify any income shifting opportunities to create the plan that works best for you. A variety of options are available to bring your income tax rate down overall. Our strategic approach to tax minimization utilizes our vast tax knowledge to develop steps for you to increase your tax efficiency.


In the twelve plus years that I’ve been having my taxes professionally prepared, this years’ preparation by True Resolve was the most professionally, well organized and presented I’ve ever experienced! Due to events out of my control the person doing my taxes was unable to complete them so, with only a few days until they were due I called True Resolve, they were very courteous and took me on as if I was the only client they had. I am so glad to have found them and will be using them for all my future tax needs.

~ G. Kristen, Colorado

As a busy professional, you do not need to manage this alone. Let us help you with our tax planning service. We will work together to review your financial information and take an analytical approach to determine what best suits your needs as an individual or business owner. Tax savings are not only for the super-rich and large corporations! You too can benefit and save.

Do not be left wondering if you could have paid less! Schedule your free Tax Discovery Session today to see how much you could potentially save by establishing a strategic tax plan.

At least one week prior to your appointment, you must provide your most recent tax return, current year profit and loss statement, and business balance sheet. In order for your FREE Tax Discovery Session to be effective, we need at least one week to review these items before your scheduled appointment.

Contact us today and let the tax experts at True Resolve Tax Professionals get started on your tax savings plan.

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IRSagent      NATP      NAEA-GREY                 True Resolve Tax Professionals BBB Business Review

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