Learn How Our Tax Resolution Service Can Help YouTax issues and IRS trouble could occur to anyone; despite age, gender or social status. You miss the deadline, you fail to declare something, and you are slapped with hefty penalties. Sometimes the issues are beyond your control. Therefore, you need a tax resolution service provider that understands taxes and tax laws. We, True Resolve Tax, have been working with clients for years to find the resolution solution that fits their financial situation. We understand the inner workings of the IRS and we keep up with the ever-changing tax laws.

Why we are the best tax resolution service provider

There are plenty of tax resolution service providers in Denver. Not all tax service providers are the same. At True Resolve Tax we are not out to make a quick commission from your ordeal. Instead, we guide you to a tax resolution option that would fit your situation. Here are some reasons that justify us as the tax resolution service of choice;

  1. Our Agents

At True Resolve Tax, we hire only the best. We have a cast of highly qualified and experienced tax agents. Our staff is comprised of tax agents who are enrolled and licensed by the IRS. There is an epidemic of tax resolution services; they advertise on how they can reduce your tax debt to a fraction, yet they cannot live up to these promises. They often use unlicensed sales agents who talk clients into unrealistic tax relief programs just to make a commission.

Our tax agents have been groomed to commit to the highest standards of truth and honesty. We are also committed to the ethical representation of our clients. When you call True Resolve Tax, we will connect you to a licensed tax agent who will explain to you the details of how we can help you. We will help you compile and file the necessary documentation that will have you pay the least amount of tax allowed by law. Our staff provides quality service. We thoroughly evaluate a client’s situation before discussing the best course of action; whether it is an Offer in Compromise or an IRS installment agreement, we’ve got you covered.

True Resolve Tax is a well-oiled machine. We have plenty of parts that function for the good of our clients. We have licensed tax representatives to give you the best representation. We have qualified tax preparers to help you file your individual or company income tax return accurately to avoid future penalties. We understand just how intimidating dealing with the IRS can be. We understand their inner workings, and we can find the loopholes that will benefit you. We credit all our success to our dedicated staff.

  1. Our Services

At True Resolve Tax, we provide many services including:

  • Individual tax resolution service: We have the experience and manpower to tackle individual tax issues; problems like IRS tax liens, IRS tax levies, IRS wage garnishments, and more. When you owe a tax debt, it is important that you understand the installment agreement plans provided by the IRS and your financial position. Sometimes the IRS may intimidate you into committing to a payment plan that is beyond your means. For the best individual tax resolution, we assess your financial situation to find the amount that you can pay the IRS comfortably each month without financial strain.
  • Business tax resolution: We have worked with many businesses and corporations to resolve tax issues like; IRS penalties, business liens, IRS levies, business payroll debt, and more. We understand the pressure that your business is operating under; trying to balance state and federal taxes along with the day to day expenses of your business. We can give your business the best representation to avoid loss of property through seizure.
  • Business and personal tax preparation: We have the skill and knowledge requirements to accurately file your personal income tax return and the income tax of your business. This will help you avoid future penalties and tax debts.
  • IRS tax audit assistance: Facing an IRS audit can be a hair-raising experience. However, being selected for an audit does not necessarily mean that there are errors in your income tax return filing. At True Resolve Tax we will offer you the best advice to help you avoid unnecessary auditing. We will also hold your hand through the process making sure that none of your rights are violated.
  1. Our company principles

True Resolve Tax is built on the foundation of truth and is supported by the pillars of honesty and ethical conduct. Led by the President, Amanda Kendall- who manages client relations, our staff treats all our clients with honesty and ethics above all. Facing tax-related problems can be frustrating and emotionally draining. We do not sugar coat the issue or build unachievable expectations. Instead, we recognize the problem and figure out the best resolution that will have you paying the lowest possible amount allowed by law. Why pay the IRS more when there are resolution options that will have you pay less?

Are you looking for the best tax resolution service in Denver? Look no further, all our lead staff are licensed and enrolled with the IRS. They are active members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), the National Association of Tax Professionals, and the Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents. We have the best tax negotiators and tax preparers in Colorado.

We got to the top three tax services in Denver, awarded by the Three Best Rated, through the dedication of our staff and a healthy work ethic. We have worked with many clients; we have helped taxpayers have their tax liens released, their tax debt settled with the lowest amount possible under the law, and we will work with you to settle whichever tax issue you may have.

At True Resolve Tax, we believe that life is and should always remain simple. Do not let taxes complicate your life. We have tax prepares to help accurately file your income tax returns. We have tax negotiators to represent you. We can help you navigate through an IRS tax audit. Call us today so that we can discuss your options and work towards an effective tax resolution.

True Resolution Tax, Your True Tax Partner.