IRS Offer in Compromise: Tax Relief for Keeps

Are you seeking a practical and comprehensive way to address tax debt that’s accrued? It can be a difficult problem to tackle on your own. There are options and experts available to help you answer the worrisome question: “Where do I go from here?” Who you turn to for help when seeking a way to conquer piling tax debt can be a very important decision. You’ve heard of terms like “tax forgiveness” and “IRS offer in compromise,” but what do these mean? Are they even real?

You need someone to guide you out from the stress of burdensome tax concerns. It’s time to get rid of the extra baggage and find a real solution!

Making a New Year “Tax” Resolution

Today, an opportunity for relief is knocking at your door. You need a tax expert to help put your tax concerns on the top priority list. Not only will they address your concerns, but they will invest themselves into an outcome that is best for you. You don’t have to worry anymore about dealing with the intricacies of the IRS on your own. You have options available that allow you to share the burden with a trained individual; one who knows what you need to achieve peace of mind.

Enrolled Agent Itinerary

Are you struggling with troubling audits, with collections or other tax debt issues? A quality enrolled agent is trained to handle the ins and outs of taxation to benefit your budget. According to the NAEA, enrolled agents have been representing Americans since the 19th century. The right representative will guide your wallet to some much-needed relief. Tax debt is debilitating. When you seek out an enrolled agent to represent your interests it’s important to look for one who:

  • Understands what an IRS offer in compromise entails
  • Explains the agreement options available to you
  • Is informative about penalty abatement
  • Is knowledgeable about bank levies, liens, and wage garnishment and can explain those terms to you in detail
  • Affirms that tax debt needs to be addressed as soon as possible so you can start breathing easily again!

You need access to experts who are well-versed in taxation rhetoric and can offer you options that will help you attain some much-needed relief and control over your pocketbook. Tax debt can cast shadows on your dreams of achieving financial security. Enrolled agents who have been educated and authorized to support your goals understand how amazing it is to finally be free from financial burden. They’ll show you the possibility of reaching a mutually beneficial compromise with the IRS to get rid of your debt.

We Welcome Opportunities for Compromise

Enrolled agents can help you obtain an IRS offer in compromise. What can that mean for you? Simply put, it means hope and the resolution you require. An IRS offer in compromise involves a professional agent:

  • Negotiating a settlement amount to compensate for the total amount of debt owed.
  • Acting as a liaison on your behalf, getting in direct contact with the IRS, allowing you to spend your valuable time more efficiently.
  • Discovering if you are eligible. The IRS has stringent requirements to be able to utilize the program.
  • Making sure you are abreast of any requirements the IRS offer in compromise has so you can make the choice that suits you best.
  • Assisting you throughout the qualification process.

An IRS offer in compromise is not guaranteed to all taxpayers. The IRS approves an average only 40 percent of applicants. That being said, a properly trained tax practitioner will give you the expert guidance you need to better your chances of approval. If the compromise program doesn’t meet your needs, it isn’t over yet! Your new tax law ally will change course and focus on other options (like payment plans) specifically catered to your financial needs.

Saying “Yes” to Smart Planning

Three tax terminologies top the list for triggering stress sessions in even the most stoic, business-minded individuals. An enrolled agent can alleviate the stress that comes from the unknown by guiding you through terms like these:

  1. Liens
  2. Levies
  3. Garnishments


Let’s talk lien basics. Liens are most often placed when you haven’t been able to pay your debt. A lien is the IRS’ way of securing your debt by using your property and assets as collateral, by having a legal claim against it. The lien becomes public knowledge and creditors, or potential creditors, will have access to it.


Wage garnishments are implemented by the IRS to collect on a debt. The IRS can legally obtain up to 70 percent of a person’s wages. Thankfully with the help of an IRS expert, the outcome can be reversed. An enrolled agent who has experience in dealing with similar scenarios can help negotiate a lower wage garnishment especially when it causes financial hardship.


A failure to pay back taxes can trigger a levy on your assets and property. Levies are used by the IRS to seize property in order to compensate for the debts owed. It isn’t the end of the world as you know it, though. When you find an enrolled agent who can offer tax resolution solutions, the possibilities for peace of mind are broad. You have someone who can take a tax burden and navigate the most favorable and manageable resolution with their own qualified hands.

Tax Resolution is our Game Plan

Now is not the time to panic! Instead, it’s time to anticipate what your next move should be. Like a game of chess, enrolled agents are experts at reading the taxation board. With the right people supporting your efforts to be debt-free, you don’t need an elusive power of perception or prediction to discover what’s next on your journey to a debt-free existence. It’s all about who you trust in the taxation field!

CPAs and attorneys don’t always serve the taxation sector, all enrolled agents are required to go through rigorous educational training in taxation. They specialize in your specific tax needs. Enrolled agents are federally licensed, and they customize their services around you so that you can come out on top of tax debt and garner the stress-tax relief you deserve. Whether you receive an IRS offer in compromise or commit to a payment plan to address your debt, the enrolled agent you trust will ensure you do less legwork and more living your best life.