IRS Computer Issues Shut Down E-File System

The IRS computer systems shut down e-file system today for the majority of the day along with all of their computer systems.  Typically when this happens, it is the main collections system that is out and is only for a few hours at most.  Today’s outage actually resulted in the IRS e-file system to shut down, meaning that electronically filed income tax returns were not being accepted or processed at all.

The IRS called this a ‘hardware failure’ and the failure even caused the “Where’s my refund” system to be non-operational.

This failure does not stop returns from being submitted to third party companies that then transmit the returns to the IRS, but those third party companies will have to hold those returns until the systems are returned to operational status. It has been mentioned, that this may not be until sometime on Thursday, February 4th, 2016.

According to the IRS, this malfunction is not anticipated to result in a delay of taxpayer’s receiving their refunds, simply in the acceptance of returns filed today and possibly tomorrow. Most taxpayers, 9 out of 10 according to the service center, will still receive their refunds in the typical 21 day period.