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Property Seizure

Understanding your rights

The IRS has broad powers to seize your property if they believe you have neglected or refused to pay your tax obligations. Whether you owe an individual or business tax debt, the IRS can seize your property and real estate, including vehicles, boats, retirement and other bank accounts, as well as your wages.

The IRS must follow a strict procedure to seize your assets, including sending notification and offering the opportunity to appeal. However, without the right experts in your corner, it is easy to get lost in legal jargon and time-consuming processes and end up sacrificing some of your rights.

The licensed tax specialists at True Resolve are committed to helping you avoid unnecessary property seizure and ensuring you are fairly represented with the IRS. We have a history of successful negotiation and often can reduce or even eliminate your IRS penalties and assessments.

Reach out to us today and don’t waste one more minute worrying about whether the IRS will take your possessions. We have the resources and expertise to give you peace of mind and get you back on the right track, fast.

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