How to Get the Best Tax Resolution ServicesI come across tax debtors who are reluctant to trust tax resolution services. I believe one reason for this is the fear of losing money. Another reason is that someone in the tax resolution field might have contacted them in the past and left a bad impression.

So how can one tell that a tax resolution expert is the real deal?

Common Inquiries to Make of a Tax Resolution Service Provider

Taxpayers will naturally make inquiries while looking for a tax resolution expert. As part of this due diligence, they will ask questions such as:

  • How Long is the Tax Resolution Process?

There is no standard period of time for resolution of tax cases. The amount of time spent depends on the specific case being handled, and how complicated it is. If a taxpayer has been compliant in filing tax returns and meticulous in keeping all required documents, their case might be resolved in as little as 3 months. More intricate cases will take longer.

  • What Documents are Required?

We advise anyone who owes money to the IRS to keep all necessary documents because they will come in handy during the resolution process. These include all correspondence from the tax agency as well as financial documents like bank, loan, and insurance statements.

We use this information to calculate your Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP), with an objective of suggesting the best tax resolution method.

  • Is Tax Resolution Something I Can Do on My Own?

Yes. If you have the time to commit to dealing with the IRS and are willing to thoroughly investigate your rights and options, you could resolve your tax debt on your own. However, this is a complicated procedure—one that even our tax experts have taken years to master. Beyond having government recognized credentials, firms that offer tax resolution services possess a wealth of experience due to handling numerous IRS settlements. This means they are more likely to resolve your case faster.

  • How are Tax Resolution Services Charged?

You are expected to pay the amount specified in your contract with the tax resolution firm and nothing more. A credible tax expert will tell you upfront how much it will cost, without surprising you with any hidden fees. There are three main ways you could be charged: upfront fees, hourly rates or monthly installments until the case is concluded.

Each type of payment has its pros and cons depending on how long your case will take, and how complicated it is. Ideally, you should be charged an amount that is fully representative of the value of services offered.

  • Which Tax Resolution Assistance Methods Will You Use?

The method we use depends on the type of resolution that best suits our clients. The IRS offer in compromise is one of the most popular solutions. If successful, it allows the taxpayers to pay off a lower amount than what they originally owed the IRS. It also gives them the chance to do so in manageable installment payments.

Other methods include the IRS installment agreement, innocent spouse and penalty abatement.

An expert that can sufficiently address all the above inquiries is in the best position to offer you tax resolution services. At True Resolve Tax Professionals, we take the time to make sure these and other questions are answered to the taxpayer’s satisfaction.

Features of a Genuine Tax Resolution Expert

There are some valuable qualities embraced by True Resolve Tax Professionals that set us apart from many tax resolution service providers. They include:

  • Honesty

We have our clients’ best interests at heart. It is our duty to tell them the truth about all their IRS settlement options. We also inform them upfront on how much our service will cost.

  • Professionalism

Being a professional goes beyond having academic qualifications. For us to offer the best tax resolution support, we must also stay current with industry standards. This means following all government regulations, engaging in ethical practices, and continually taking part in both industry-required and elective training.

  • Compassion

Although we stand by the expectation of maintaining a professional relationship with clients, we also understand the emotional and practical impact of the scenarios we resolve for our clients. Some people who owe the IRS are in a tight financial situation, and they look up to us to help them get out of that. Being empathetic towards their plight gives us the motivation to provide the best services possible.

  • Affordability

Affordable doesn’t necessarily mean the “cheapest” service. Hiring the lowest-cost help can often lead to disappointment. An affordable service could be worth thousands of dollars but end up saving you tens of thousands more.

  • Reliability

A reliable tax resolution expert will follow up on your IRS settlement case to its logical conclusion. This is a core responsibility at True Resolve Tax Professionals; we do not wait for clients to prompt us to complete the work for which we were hired. We understand it is a trying period for them, and as such, we try our best to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

  • Great Communication Skills

Superb communication with clients makes it easier for us to offer them the best tax resolution services available. We listen to their problems, encourage them to ask questions where they don’t understand, and keep them abreast of new developments. Our clients’ feedback is a great way for us to gauge whether our services are effective and to improve in areas in which it is required.

If you encounter a professional with the above characteristics, you will be assured of receiving superior tax resolution help.

Should You Trust Enrolled Agents?

Beyond the above-mentioned qualities, Enrolled Agents (EA) are licensed by the federal government to perform various tax-related activities on behalf of their clients. These include representing clients before the IRS on matters related to filing tax returns, resolving tax disputes, and appealing any rejections on offers made to the tax agency.

Unlike other professionals like accountants, auditors, and attorneys who may dabble in tax issues, EAs like you will find at True Resolve Tax Professionals specialize in taxation. This gives them a distinct advantage over other experts because they fully understand tax laws. The IRS also requires them to continually demonstrate their competence in the field of taxation, which makes them your best bet for the most effective tax resolution services.

Enrolled Agents are expected to strictly follow all the regulations established in Treasury Department Circular Number 230. Because the federal government holds us to higher standards than other experts in the field of taxation, we are bound by a moral code to provide tax resolution support that meets the highest ethical standards.

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