How to Conquer Small Business Tax Procrastination

Small Business Tax Procrastination - True Resolve Tax Professionals DenverWith the tax deadline looming, you may be struggling to conquer small business tax procrastination. The True Resolve Tax Professionals in Denver understand, and we’ve seen it all. Whether you haven’t started organizing your 2017 financial records or you’re behind in filing by a year or six, you’re in good company when it comes to tax procrastination. It’s actually quite common, but it’s also an issue that True Resolve can help you conquer. So, don’t give up hope – keep reading!

What’s Causing You to Procrastinate?

Whether it’s business taxes or just losing a few pounds, procrastination is typically rooted in our fear of failure in combination with a desire for perfection. If you don’t have tax expertise, don’t know what to do, how to do it, or even where to get started – simply doing nothing might seem more appealing than failing at getting your finances and business taxes put together just right. After all, if you forget this form or to report that revenue, the Internal Revenue Service is not exactly forgiving about mistakes.

Now, the longer you procrastinate, the more daunting it might be to get started, to the point that you get that twisting feeling in your gut anytime someone even mentions taxes. While there’s no quick fix for procrastination, there are a few simple things you can do right now to start getting unstuck.

Conquering Small Business Tax Procrastination

If you own a restaurant or retail business, maybe a small graphic design firm, you’re likely an expert in your field – not taxes. So, first and foremost, give yourself a break and take a deep breath. Then:

  • Create a List – A tax prep checklist is a wonderful way to get organized. You’ll know exactly what you need to get done and feel a sense of accomplishment when checking off each item. If you’ve gotten behind on filing, this might be a long list, so break it up and spread tasks out over time.
  • Go Digital – If you haven’t already, take a look at software solutions that help small businesses get a handle on their bookkeeping and accounting. Then, as you work through your paperwork, load data into the system. Sure, it will take more time now but pay off during future tax seasons.
  • Make Time – Whether you need to get financial documents gathered and organized, or tackle that shoebox overflowing with receipts, block out time on your calendar every single week (until you’re caught up) and don’t let anyone or anything derail the plan. All other matters can wait.
  • Ask for Help – Still can’t seem to get moving? That’s just fine! There are professional tax services available to solve small business tax procrastination. Experts to review your situation, minimize your tax liability, maximize deductions, and then get everything submitted for you on time.

If you haven’t organized your books since 2015 or have a pile of unopened letters from the IRS shoved in a drawer, it’s time to contact the True Resolve Tax Professionals in Denver. Our licensed, enrolled agents will help you finally conquer small business tax procrastination. From accounting and bookkeeping to tax preparation and working directly with the IRS on your behalf, we will help you overcome your fears and take control. Call today and let’s get started.