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IRS Enrolled Agent

IRS Enrolled Agents

At True Resolve, we have a team of licensed, IRS Enrolled Agents that have decades of experience working directly with the Internal Revenue Service concerning matters of tax resolution and tax preparation. Our team is required by law and our high ethical standards to maintain the most up-to-date credentials through certification courses and regular training so we can provide crucial insight concerning tax law and tax matters to better assist our clients.

Our team of tax experts at True Resolve are properly licensed through the IRS as well as members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and the National Association of Tax Professionals.

Our goal as IRS Enrolled Agents is to exceed your expectations from start to finish. From the consultation call to paperwork accumulation, filing, and more. We aim to complete all of our projects in a precise and timely manner all the while ensuring your assets are protected and safe throughout all of your tax-related activities with True Resolve.

Our IRS Enrolled Agents have a strong commitment to excellence and a dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards when working with our clients. True Resolve Tax Professionals is your go-to resource in all matters concerning tax resolution, tax relief, and tax readiness.

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What is an IRS Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent is a tax professional that is specially designated from the federal government which gives our team license to practice tax representation and directly work with the IRS on the behalf of our clients. For our team members to be licensed, the IRS requires us to pass a comprehensive examination that covers all aspects of tax codes in the United States. Our agents also must pass a rigorous background check conducted by the IRS to ensure ethical practice will be performed and validates our trustworthiness to handle your confidential documents.

Along with the stringent testing and application process, our IRS Enrolled Agents are required by the IRS to complete 72 hours of continuing education every three years which is reported to the IRS to maintain our licensed status. Our teams being involved with the NAEA also require 90 hours of continued education during the same three year period which makes us some of the most highly educated and skilled Enrolled Agents in the industry.  Due to these high standards that we must uphold, we are part of the elite group of Enrolled Agents in the country, as there are only about 46,000 total nationwide.

How Can IRS Enrolled Agent Help You?

Working with our team of Enrolled Agents gives you the peace of mind that you are working with highly competent, dedicated, knowledgeable tax experts that uphold the highest ethical code of conduct. At True Resolve Tax Professionals, we ensure that each of our agents complete over 100 hours a year of continued education so we can best serve our clients with the most up-to-date knowledge of tax code. Taxation is an everchanging field so these high standards that we uphold our team to guarantees that you will work with the smartest and most effective representation for all your tax needs.

Unlike CPAs and tax attorneys, our team of IRS Enrolled Agents at True Resolve specializes in one thing: taxes. Contact us today to receive the assistance you need for all your tax-related issues.

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