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Dion C. Malcomb

Director of Operations

Since 2006, Mr. Malcomb’s career path has been in the tax resolution industry.

Mr. Malcomb starting working the tax resolution industry 10 years ago and has seen the many changes to the law and the rights of businesses and individuals. Dion knows that clients’ livelihoods can be turned upside down or even destroyed when tax trouble arises. Dion’s number one goal in his 10 years in the tax resolution industry is to help individuals and businesses resolve their tax matters successfully and to move forward with their lives. He has an extensive knowledge of tax law and a decade of experience with the tax matters; Dion has the knowledge to advise clients the best way to resolve tax issues and has the resources at his disposal to aid in achieving a successful resolution.

Dion’s goal and single minded drive is to use his extensive knowledge to help businesses and individuals solve their tax matters.  His focus is on protecting individuals and businesses and getting them on the right path to enjoy their hard work that could be taken away by the IRS with just one action.

With a team of tax professionals and enrolled agents at True Tax Resolve; Dion helps businesses and individuals resolve a variety of tax issues.  With his extensive knowledge of the tax code he offers clients the best solution to their tax needs.  While also understanding that representation is needed but not all have an unlimited budget at their disposal.

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